Library Monitor Letters

Close-up of pen writing on white paper


Dear Miss Green,


I would like to apply for a position to be a library monitor. (I am the perfect candidate for this job). I will happily give up my lunch and break times to be a library monitor.

Firstly, I deeply believe that being a library monitor improves concentration. I will make sure that everyone in the library is silent and productive. Also, people will be amazed by my exceptional work in the library. It is vital that the library is clean therefore the whole school will want to come to the library repetitively.

Furthermore, the children read exciting books with tiredness. You don’t want the children to read exciting books with tiredness do you? However, with me, your library monitors, my sensational work the children and you will be amazed. The children will even read books happily. Do you want children to read books happily?

For all these reasons, if you don’t choose me as a library monitor you’re missing out on my outstanding speed, concentration and ability to work with your library.


Yours Sincerely,