An Interview with Dreadlockalien


Welcome to Ark Chamberlain!


1. Does anyone help you to write poetry?

  • Yes, friends and family.


2. What was your original childhood goal?

  • To survive and become an adult.


3. Why did you want to become a poet and who or what inspired you?

  • A teacher inspired me. I was sent to the library because I was being disruptive. I love words so it was actually inspiring.


4. Who is your favourite poet?

  • Lowkey – he is an Iraqi poet.


5. How old were you when you started performing poetry?

  • I have been performing poetry for twelve years. I started writing it when I was 33.


6. If you could be any character in a poem who would it be?

  • The Cat in the Hat – Dr Seuss


7. Do you enjoy being a poet?

  • Yes, I love it.


8. How did you become a famous poet?

  • The internet helped out and t.v. and radio.


9. Have you ever written a nonsense poem?

  • No


10. What country are you the most popular in the countries that you have travelled to?

  • Japan. They thought I was famous and knew all about me. Parents waved me off at the airport.


11. Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn’t come up with the idea for a poem?

  • No


12. If you could be any poet in the world who would you be?

  • I’m not sure. Every poet is different.


13. Is your real name Dreadlockalien or is that your nickname?

  • No, my real name is Richard Grant. There is an actor with a similar name called Richard E. Grant.


14. Have any of your relatives helped you with your poems?

  • Yes I wrote granddad a poem before he died.  He laughed and loved it.


Thank you for listening to our questions.  You are a very, very great poet. We would be over the moon if we could interview you again.