An Interview with Dreadlockalien


Welcome to Ark Chamberlain!


1. Does anyone help you to write poetry?

Yes, friends and family.


2. What was your original childhood goal?

To survive and become an adult.


3. Why did you want to become a poet and who or what inspired you?

A teacher inspired me. I was sent to the library because I was being disruptive. I love words so it was actually inspiring.


4. Who is your favourite poet?

Lowkey – he is an Iraqi poet.


5. How old were you when you started performing poetry?

I have been performing poetry for twelve years. I started writing it when I was 33.


6. If you could be any character in a poem who would it be?

The Cat in the Hat – Dr Seuss


7. Do you enjoy being a poet?

Yes, I love it.


8. How did you become a famous poet?

The internet helped out and t.v. and radio.


9. Have you ever written a nonsense poem?



10. What country are you the most popular in the countries that you have travelled to?

Japan. They thought I was famous and knew all about me. Parents waved me off at the airport.


11. Have you ever been frustrated because you couldn’t come up with the idea for a poem?



12. If you could be any poet in the world who would you be?

I’m not sure. Every poet is different.


13. Is your real name Dreadlockalien or is that your nickname?

No, my real name is Richard Grant. There is an actor with a similar name called Richard E. Grant.


14. Have any of your relatives helped you with your poems?

Yes I wrote granddad a poem before he died.  He laughed and loved it.


Thank you for listening to our questions.  You are a very, very great poet. We would be over the moon if we could interview you again.