An Interview with Bali Rai


Good afternoon Mr Rai thank you for coming to our academy.


 1. Who inspired you to become an author? 

Roald Dahl & Sue Townsend. She was my role model. We became friends and she was a big influence in my life.


2. Who did you get your ideas from?

Every author that I have ever read. I also get ideas from watching films and reading poems. I get ideas from people that I talk to.


3. What advice would you give someone if they wanted to be an author?

Practice your writing everyday for 10 – 15 mins. Learn from published authors and read different genres.


4. What age did you write your first book/what was it?

Unarranged Marriage was the first book that I wrote. In was 29 years old and it took three years to write. it took a long time to write. 


5. What is your favourite book and why?

I don’t really have a favourite book. It’s a really hard question. It depends on my mood. As a child my favourite book was James and the Giant Peach.


6. What is your favourite genre?  

Real life, Crime Fiction and Gritty stories


7. Why did you choose this route?

I was thinking of being a Journalist (Political or Sports). I knew an agent’s daughter and I passed my work on to her.


8. What is your favourite quote from your books?

On my turban innit!


9. What made you write books about Soccer Squad?

My editor forced me to write the books. I wanted to write about girls playing football.


10. What is your favourite food?  

  • Spicy and hot fried chicken
  • Fruit pastille lollies
  • Pepperoni Pizza
  • Doghnuts
  • Savoury Food


11. What university did you go to?

Southbank University in London. It’s near the Elephant and Castle.


12. How many awards have you won? 

I don’t know. Lots. Nearly all my books have won at least one award.


13. How long have you been writing for?

I was 27 when I signed my first contract. That was just under 20 years ago.


14. What is your favourite sporting/non sporting hobby?

Football and cooking. I love travelling and listening to vinyl records.


Thank you for answering all of our questions. It has been a pleasure interviewing you.