Book Awards

Kate Greenaway Award 2015

William Grill

Shackleton’s Journey Flying Eye Books (10+)

ISBN: 9781909263109 (hardback)

Shackleton's Journey

In the last days of the Heroic Age of Exploration, Ernest Shackleton dreamed of crossing the frozen heart of Antarctica, a place of ferocious seas, uncharted mountains and bone-chilling cold. But when his ship, ‘The Endurance’, became trapped in the deadly grip of the ice, Shackleton’s dreams of crossing Antarctica were shattered. Stranded in a cold, white world, and thousands of miles from home, the men of the expedition set out on a desperate trek across the ice in search of rescue.

This beautiful non-fiction book seems to effortlessly bring a modern and fresh feel to the story of Ernest Shackleton, whilst remaining traditional and classic. The use of stark white space expertly conveys a sense of isolation. The detailed small illustrations wonderfully bring to life the intricacies of life during the journey, whilst the breath-taking larger illustrations provide a strong sense of scale and highlight the enormity of the natural world. This is an exciting, quality book which provides a true experience and reminds us that it is the people, not the journey, that truly matter.

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One thought on “Book Awards

  1. Well done to all of the people who won all of the book awards! Your books were so fantastic!!!!!!
    I hope you were very happy when you heard your names being picked for the awards. Also, when you were joyful and ecstatic celebrating your win:-) :-D. I also hope that your family were very happy! Some of your were very emotional! We hope it was modern and a fresh feel to the story.


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