Ark Chamberlain Book Day

On Friday 28th April 2017 Ark Chamberlain celebrated World Book Day in a variety of ways. Many staff and pupils dressed up as their favourite book character. Prizes were awarded to the best costumes. There were also special assemblies led by Miss Green (Head of Year 4), Mr Taylor (Head of Year 3) and Miss Brinkworth (Head of Year 6). In the afternoon there were class swaps and lower and upper phase children read to each other. This was a fun way to celebrate reading for pleasure.


13 thoughts on “Ark Chamberlain Book Day

  1. I thought world book day was phenomenal to see different characters with their costumes. The winners of world book day looked amazing and definitely deserved the prize. It was also fun participating.


  2. I loved world book day it was so fun. The most amazing thing was seeing different people dressed up as book was also fun joining world book day


  3. World book day was brilliant because everybody got to dress up as characters. And we were the only people dressing up.


  4. World book day was the best day ever! I enjoyed myself so much the best part was that we got to dress up![ I was a witch]


  5. It was really good because everybody could dress up as their favourite book character. I hope that everyone enjoyed the day.


  6. World book day is an amazing event, I think it is really good as it encourages children to read more by getting them to participate and dress up as there favourite book character.;-)


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