Bali Rai Visit

Bali Rai will be coming to visit Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy on Friday 23rd June 2017.  He will be conducting two assemblies with lower and upper school. He will also be interviewed on Ark Radio and by the Library Monitors. Books will be on sale in the afternoon. This should be an exciting day and definitely one that should not be missed!


15 thoughts on “Bali Rai Visit

  1. Hearing that Bali Rai is coming a huge smile grew bigger and bigger the very next day I started to make posters with excitement. I corrected the mistakes and the poster is finally up. I can’t wait for Bali Rai to come. *Whoops*


  2. I’m very excited to have Bali Rai visiting us here at Ark Chamberlain! It’s a great chance for all the pupils to hear from a world famous author and will hopefully inspire some of them to write their own books in the future. A big thank you to the library monitors for the fantastic posters advertising the visit and to Miss Green for organising it 🙂


  3. Thank you everyone for taking time out of your day to post some lovely comments. We really appreciate it! We hope that you enjoy Bali Rai’s visit!


  4. Bali Rai is a visitor I’m sure many students (especially boys) would love to meet and ask about the world of football. I am very excited to meet this popular author and I’m sure others are as well.


  5. It would be nice to meet Bali Rai because he can tell us how he started writing books and tell us how old was he when he started writing books .


  6. I loved it when Bali Rai came to our academy. He was so funny that he made me laugh for the whole time. My favorite part was the story about his daughter.


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