Nick Arnold Visit



Today we had a lovely visit from the ‘Horrible Science’ author Nick Arnold and his wife Suzanne. It was such a brilliant day! Nick Arnold was given a tour of the academy by Sayhan. He was praised by Nick for being an excellent tour guide. He then conducted two assemblies with lower and upper phase. Pupils had a chance to ask questions and to take part in the interactive assemblies. They learnt a lot about science. After that he was interviewed on Ark Radio by Amilah. She was a true professional. Nick and his wife had lunch in the canteen. They were then interviewed by the Library Monitors. They were true professionals. In the afternoon lower and upper phase had a chance to buy a signed book and to sign autographs.

This was such a brilliant day and we look forward to meeting Nick and his wife Suzanne again. 😉



21 thoughts on “Nick Arnold Visit

  1. I had such a brilliant day with Nick Arnold. It was a very busy day for the library monitors. The best part of the day was when we were helping him sign the books. I hope he comes again next year.


  2. Nick Arnold books are full of amazing experiments and take you to a whole new world. If you don’t like a Nick Arnold book you are missing out.


  3. I loved the visit so much it was a honor interviewing him. I liked what he said about not having a favorite book because you should let your mind learn new things in new books was just amazing I hope he comes again before I leave for secondary school.


  4. I enjoyed the visit a lot, it was the highlight of my day. I especially enjoyed it when I got a badge for asking the best question for a girl!


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