The Mysterious Spell Book by Aisha

Spell book

In a far away land, there was a mysterious spell book which was hidden in a girl’s tree house. The girl’s name was Chloe. One day Chloe went to her tree house and at the back room of the tree house she found a mysterious book. She touched it and suddenly turned into a frog. The only way for her to turn back was for a prince to kiss her. So she climbed out of the tree house and set off to find the castle. Soon she found the castle and when she entered it Chloe the frog found the prince. So she leaped onto his knee and the prince screamed “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah” and said “What do you want from me? ”.  Chloe replied to the prince,”I want you to kiss me so that I can turn back into a little girl ”.

The prince thought and thought and he said “Yes I will kiss you”.  When he kissed her, suddenly she was transformed back into a human girl. Chloe thanked the prince. When Chloe got home she climbed back into the tree house and used two sticks to pick up the book. She then threw it in into a big box, locked it up and buried it deep into the ground. So the mysterious spell book was never heard of again.

The End



25 thoughts on “The Mysterious Spell Book by Aisha

  1. Aisha well done for this story that you have made and I’m very excited to read the next part of the mysterious spell book.


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