The Newspaper Club



Congratulations to everyone in the newspaper club. Staff and students have worked really hard to produce the third issue of The Chamberlain Chronicle. There are lots of exciting articles inside it. You can purchase a copy for only 20p.




6 thoughts on “The Newspaper Club

  1. Thank you to Miss Williams, Miss Ricketts and Miss Green that have helped so much in the newsletter club and spent their own time after school for us.
    THANK YOU!!!!!


  2. The new edition of The Chamberlain Chronicle is awesome! Being in the newspaper club is a delight, and it is so awesome!


  3. Make sure you buy a copy this Tuesday or Wednesday. It will be on sale in the canteen during break times. Well done to all of our amazing journalists and Mr Pinnock (our graphic designer) Miss Green (Our Editor in Chief) and Miss Ricketts & Miss Williams (our editorial team).


  4. Thank you for everyone in the newsletter club for trying your best and also our readers for buying it. Shout out to Miss Ricketts, Miss Williams, Miss Green, Mr Pinnock and Mrs Schofield. We couldn’t do it without any of you.


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