Dreadlockalien Visit




On Tuesday 8th March 2016 we were privileged to have a visit from Dreadlockalien as part of our reading week. We started the day with an assembly for upper phase where Dreadlockalien introduced himself to the pupils and gave examples of different forms of poetry. This interactive performance was enjoyed by staff and pupils alike!

After this Dreadlockalien was interviewed by the Library Monitors. They were very professional and did an excellent job. He was also interviewed on Ark Radio. The pupils did a very good job. He created a fantastic poem about our academy.

Lower phase were then treated to an assembly with Dreadlocklien. This interactive performance proved to be a huge success. Dreadlockalien spent the rest of the day working with lower and upper phase pupils in groups. He taught two workshops. He told them how to create their own poems based on topics that interest them. This was done in a fun and rhythmical way. His bubbly personality really inspired the pupils and built up their enthusiasm for poetry.

Overall this was such a brilliant morning. We look forward to welcoming him back to Ark Chamberlain again.

Please feel free to listen to the excellent radio interview on Ark Radio.

Dreadlockalien Ark Radio Interview



37 thoughts on “Dreadlockalien Visit

  1. Finally he came I was so excited he made us laugh and he played with us. My favourite poem was Well Done I can’t wait to see him again. Dreadlockalien is the best poet I’ve ever seen. Roua


  2. I was SO lucky! Dreadlock Alien came to Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy on MY BIRTHDAY! I felt so lucky to get to see him perform!
    Awesome poems!


  3. I am so lucky to have a life time opportunity to meet Dreadlockalien and he has told us amazing things. It was so exciting.


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